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On the go.

Truly Great Coffee

Like many people, I love good coffee, and coffee culture has exploded over the years,which is great, as people are demanding more from their coffee with the knowledge gained, but sometimes the quality of coffee is variable to say the least!

Suffolk Coffee Pod offers an independent option for people looking for great locally roasted Speciality Grade Single Origin coffee on the go, whether its on the way to work, at the local market, or other events. Coffee these days is about more than just a jar of instant coffee!

My aim is to provide great quality Barista coffee, with locally sourced very high quality Single Origin coffee beans (Frank & Earnest  - Bury St Edmunds), that are freshly ground and prepared with passion (beans/ground coffee  also available for sale too if you love the coffee!).


My quirky mobile 'Coffee Pod' barista trailer means i can cater for businesses and events in and around the Ipswich and Suffolk area.   


Suffolk Coffee pod 

Look out for my little red coffee pod when your out and about. 

For the coffee geeks out there, i'm equipped with an Anfin Milano Burr coffee grinder, a Fracino Contempo Duel fuel 2 group expresso machine, running on either gas/electric (i've also got a small quiet Honda LPG generator!) so I'm covered for all types of events. Whether in markets, with a mains electric supply or more remote events where i can run quietly on gas/generator. Basically as long as i can get the trailer in, i can serve fresh great quality coffee!

Why Ethical
Coffee Matters 


I source all my coffee beans from roasters within Suffolk so that my carbon footprint on deliveries is as low as possible. also I feel its important for small businesses to support other local small businesses. The beauty of sourcing from these small local roasters, is that I know where my beans come from and can supply freshly roasted beans to make the best possible coffee that hasn't been sitting around in warehouses for months! I can actually see the green beans being put into the roaster and have fresh warm roasted beans ready to grind. I also sell these beans if you'd like to take them home and make you're own coffee. 

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